Presidential Pet Posting

While most of the news you’re going to hear right now is about the President’s arduous search for the perfect puppy, I wanted to point out some of the other animals kept by past Presidents.

Calvin Coolidge, kept ‘a raccoon, a bobcat, a donkey, a wallaby, a pygmy hippo, a small antelope and a black bear.’
‘Andrew Johnson just kept the mice he found scampering around in his bedroom.’
‘John Quincy Adams and Herbert Hoover had alligators, while Harry S. Truman owned a boa constrictor.’
And last, but certainly not least …

William McKinley kept roosters

What is strange to me is how eccentric some of them seem to be with their pets, rather than practical. I’m not sure if that’s because they felt they had to be on the forefront of society? Or if they just really enjoyed those types of pets.

Catch you soon,