Commercial Egg Producers Are Disappearing?

Oprah was on the other day. And she had a guest on the show, who was trying to shut down commercial animal production facilities – including cattle, pork, and chickens.

Now … I totally agree that these places offer terrible conditions for these animals.

BUT … if we allow these laws to be passed that limit the size of cages they can be kept in … there is absolutely NO DOUBT that the prices of the food will go up.

Commercial Egg Slideshow
Commercial Egg Slideshow

Check out this very informative slide show (from the Department of Animal Sciences, at Purdue University) – detailing several of the steps involved in commercial chicken egg production. I think if you look at how this is set up, it will become clear that the ease with which they do this COULD still stay the same. HOWEVER – even if they simply expanded each cage to allow each chicken to move better – they would be losing half of their production … INSTANTLY!

I am more of the opinion that if you want wholesome, organic eggs – you should just buy them OR grow them yourself. They’re available. Don’t drive the prices up for every single person in America by requiring egg producers to meet a specific spacing standard.

What do you think? What else can we do?

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