Chicks Are Smarter Than We Thought … They Can Add too.

Although chicks seem to be just a jumbled up mass of motion when they are hatched and trying to thrive.  It turns out they can do something extraordinary … they can add small numbers.

While this seems tiny and insignificant, it does mean that their brains are a little more finely developed than we give them credit for.

Here’s a link to the scientific journal article.  To be honest, there’s a lot of text in this article, and it rambles on and on in scientific-ese.  But I thought the idea was very interesting to read about anyhow.

The results of experiments 1 and 2 showed that, in the absence of any specific training, chicks spontaneously discriminated between two and three, in both cases preferring the larger stimulus set. …
Hence chicks’ behaviour seemed to indicate an ability to perform additions, i.e. combining two or more quantitative representations (addends) to form a new representation (i.e. the sum).

I’m pretty sure the pecking order concept starts really early, and has a HUGE impact on every single baby chick you raise.  They’re definitely smarter than we might think.

Talk soon!


Teaching Chicks to Eat

A good method of getting baby chicks to learn to eat, is to spread a couple handfuls of chick mash on a small piece of cardboard box, so that it can attract the attention of the youngsters as they run across it. By seeing the mash down there, it can make them try and peck some of it.

Also, dipping the beak of an occasional chick into your water fountain helps to teach them to drink.

Just some quick ideas for you!