Super Chicken … Here it comes to Save the Day ?

Recently, we finished our Chicken Comics and Jokes website.

One of our chicken comics was about a Super Chicken, who we called …
Cluck Kent

And even though we think chickens are super, I was a little skeptical of an article I read this morning.

It looks like the U.S. government is going to go ahead and start considering, and most likely allowing, the sale of genetically altered and modified animals as a food source in grocery stores to the American public.

You can read more about this here:
Genetically Engineered animals

I am deeply troubled by the government’s attempts at allowing items to be sold to us without really seeing what the implications are for people.

I’ve been reading a tremendous amount on this particular topic recently. And the nutrition value and healthiness of this food source is SERIOUSLY in question for me.

I want to encourage you to read the article. See what is coming soon. And no … this ‘Super Chicken’ may not be all it’s quacked up to be.

If you are doing any sort of backyard chicken farming – prepare to keep going with your healthier, more natural, more nutritious food source. Because, in my opinion, you’re going to need it.

Talk soon,