Shade Tip for Free-Range Chickens

Most poultry raisers agree on the value of shade for your birds, while their free ranging during the hot summer months. Trees, sunflower plants, and various shelters are all used effectively to give shade during this time.

However, due to some large losses that occurred last year, you want to make sure that you provide plenty of clearing between the shaded areas that you provide, as well as providing a lot of shade.

Here’s what happened… where some plants and crops were grown, in localized spaces, to provide shade for their flock, the birds tended to pile up in those places which caused huge losses. So again, you want to make sure you have plenty of places where your flock can get shade. And, also you want enough shade spots, where they won’t have to pile up together to get the shade.

It can definitely get hot out there, and you want to keep your flock safe from over-heating.

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