Size of Wire for Above Ground Chicken Run?

A reader wrote in and asked about their plans for building a wire run onto their chicken coop.  They didn’t want to let their chicks get on the ground, so they were wondering what size of wire they should use on the bottom, or floor, of the run?

The size of the wire cloth on the bottom of your run depends, in large part, on the size of the chicks at the time that they would use it.  If the chicks are only a few days old when you begin to use the raised run, it’s better to cover the frame with one half inch wire cloth, and make it a fairly thick gauge.

If your birds are four weeks of age, or older, your wire flooring can be about three fourths, to 1 inch, in mesh size.

Just as a note, you’re raised outside wire run will generally have a floor space equal to one half, or more, of the floor space inside of your brooder house.


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