Chicken Diet trick that didn’t work.

In a recent study, a university tried to find out if eating raw potatoes could help make their food supply last longer for less cost.

According to their tests feeding raw potatoes did not have any saving effect on the amount of mash consumed by hens. Evidently, the raw potatoes simply passed through the digestive tract, virtually unused.

However, slightly more satisfactory results were obtained from cooked potatoes. They were mixed with the mash, and fed as a wet mash once a day. Cooked potatoes provided no advantage over potato flakes, as a constituent of the poultry diet; however, potato flakes appear to be more tasty, and to keep better.

So, flakes appear to be the most economical way of utilizing extra potatoes — although you won’t get as good of results this way as you would with regular chicken feed.

About 2 ounces of cooked potatoes per day reduced their production by 5%, when compared with the
test lot, receiving about one third the amount of cooked potatoes. So, although it might seem like a good idea to use cooked potatoes (or potato flakes) to stretch your chicken feed — just be aware it could have a slight impact on your hens output.


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