Best Winter Laying Chicken Breeds – Part 2

Last time – I started out with a couple of thoughts on picking the best winter, egg-laying chicken breed.

Today, I’ll finish that up with just a couple of quick comments:

In the Asiatic class of chickens … some strains of Light Brahmas, and a few strains of the old style Buff Cochins will let you get pretty good returns on your winter eggs. However, these heavier birds are seldom, if ever, found on production egg farms.

So they’re usually relied on where small flocks must be kept in closely confined spaces, like in a small backyard, or town lot (which is where MANY of us are doing our chickens raising – I might add).

Another important note about this … usually they are considered heavier feeders in proportion to the output of eggs they put out – especially in comparison to the American or Mediterranean classes of birds.
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