‘Doing In’ Your Chickens

We talked about this not too long ago …

the idea of what to do with chickens when you no longer need them. And, I think, a lot of people have the same outlook as this author:

I have two Delaware Whites that I bought when they were 12 weeks old. I never got to properly bond with those girls. They had never been held as babies and were not fond of us picking them up. There is just something extra special about raising your chickens from chicks. Plus, the Delaware Whites are very noisy at 7am, their poop is extra wet and it is stinky, and they are a dual breed meaning that they are good egg layers and good for meat as well.
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Even with chickens that you’re not very attached to, it can be a difficult decision. However, when you signed on to raise chickens, you already made the decision that you would face these tough choices head on … whether you wanted to or not.

It’s just like facing difficult choices when you have children. You know you’re going to have to make the choices, but it’s still hard to do.

In the end, though the decision is difficult, I don’t think you can go wrong providing for the needs of your family. That’s what life is all about. And you are doing it in the most responsible, respectful, and healthy, way.


Oh, and you should just go check out her blog anyhow … because she has a lot of useful chicken raising tips and ideas that you’ll find helpful.

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