Super Chicken … Here it comes to Save the Day ?

Recently, we finished our Chicken Comics and Jokes website.

One of our chicken comics was about a Super Chicken, who we called …
Cluck Kent

And even though we think chickens are super, I was a little skeptical of an article I read this morning.

It looks like the U.S. government is going to go ahead and start considering, and most likely allowing, the sale of genetically altered and modified animals as a food source in grocery stores to the American public.

You can read more about this here:
Genetically Engineered animals

I am deeply troubled by the government’s attempts at allowing items to be sold to us without really seeing what the implications are for people.

I’ve been reading a tremendous amount on this particular topic recently. And the nutrition value and healthiness of this food source is SERIOUSLY in question for me.

I want to encourage you to read the article. See what is coming soon. And no … this ‘Super Chicken’ may not be all it’s quacked up to be.

If you are doing any sort of backyard chicken farming – prepare to keep going with your healthier, more natural, more nutritious food source. Because, in my opinion, you’re going to need it.

Talk soon,


Stealth Chickens

We’ve briefly talked about this before – but there are many towns and municipalities all over the U.S., and even the world (for that matter), that don’t allow chickens inside their limits.

This is a quick little read about how some folks in the Sacramento area are keeping stealth chickens anyhow.

It’s worth a read.


Urban chickens get tucked in at night all over California. They’re legal in varying number in Folsom, Roseville, Davis, Berkeley, Oakland, Anaheim and LA. Until Sacramento joins that list, the city’s stealth chickens will continue to run afoul of the law — which doesn’t have much meat, anyway. Get caught with a backyard hen, it’s a $100 fine. You’ve already saved that in free eggs! And – get this, the city lets you keep your chicken.

clipped from
Urban Chickens: From Barnyard to Backyard
Morgan Ong