The 3 Biggest Chicken Raising Issues You Will Face

Discover the 3 most important issues owners will deal with when chicken raising. And learn some thoughts on how you can handle the “Big 3″.

Chicken growers often talk about the pains of raising their chickens. But is it really THAT important for you, if you have a small, backyard flock, to pay attention to other chicken owner’s problems?

Well… there are times when, in order to succeed, we need to learn how not to fail. And when it comes to chicken raising, learning from others who have gone before us can be a huge help in dealing with our own flock’s troubles. Plus being prepared for disasters, which can happen at any time, will improve your overall chicken raising skills.

1. Protecting their flock against chicken predators is the #1 biggest challenge with keeping your chickens safe.

Snakes LOVE to eat chickens
Snakes LOVE to eat chickens

It is not easy! And there are LOTS of animals out there who want to take the opportunity to eat your chickens. Raccoons, bears, snakes, hawks, coyotes, neighborhood dogs, skunks, and at times even other people might decide to take an opportunity to hurt your brood. Your number one defense against predation, is to be on your guard and ready all the time. Sometimes you can keep other protective animals with your chickens, around them and in their pens. Animals like pygmy goats, geese, guard dogs, or donkeys can sometimes be effective in helping ward off some predators.

Of course building a Sherman-tank strength coop will help as well, but even at that you are going to have constant sneak-attacks and attempts for your chicken’s lives. So any time you hear commotion out of your flock, you are still going to have to check on them and make sure everything is okay.

You might also want to try some other protective strategies like… small gauge chicken wire, electric fences, and maybe ultrasonic noise deterrents.

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Chicken killing coyotes on the rise in California

Here’s an interesting article about the rise of coyotes in suburban areas in California. Photo by Andre Taylor, article from San Gabriel Valley Tribune.

Most importantly, I have included the part of the article where they talk about how you can prevent coyote problems for your family, your pets, and yes … even your chickens.

There are many measures that pet owners and residents can take to protect their families and pets.

Coyote killing chickens in California
Coyote killing chickens in California

Among them is to install chicken wire around farm animals, build tall fences around yards and properties, keep pets and pet food indoors, and keep garbage cans in enclosed areas, according to the county’s Department of Animal Control.

If you encounter a coyote, do not run or turn your back. Instead, calmly back out of the area.

Also, don’t challenge coyotes by looking them directly in the eye. Protect small children by standing between them and the coyote, and fight back if attacked.